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More about Aspect Platinum

Why we love it

The Aspect Platinum range represents the next generation of elite skincare.

Formulated and manufactured in Australia, Aspect Platinum is designed for Australian Skin. Featuring leading-edge technology and scientifically proven ingredients to improve the appearance of your skin, restore and protect it.
Aspect Platinum formulations are proven and precise, applied with informed clinical care.

The high-performance ingredients draw on the latest research, making leading-edge innovation accessible, powerful and visible on your skin– today, and even more importantly, tomorrow.

Aspect Platinum leads the way to a future of proactive skincare. We’re laying the foundation for a better tomorrow through closed-loop sustainability and truly powerful, targeted ingredients – pioneering a practice of care at every level, from epidermis to environment.

What does it do to my skin?

With our bespoke formulated serums, you can expect to see noticeable improvements:

  • In just two weeks, for skin issues such as reduced visible pores and redness.
  • Within 6 to 12 weeks, you'll start to see visible improvements in other areas, including uneven skin tones, fine lines, dull patches, and discoloration in olive skin tones or ashy tones in dark skin.
  • For skin prone to acne, the timeline may vary depending on the initial skin condition, but results can be seen as early as 6 weeks and may continue to improve up to 20 weeks. Rest assured; our powerful serum formulas are designed to address these challenging skin conditions with visible results over time.

Have the results been clinically proven?

Yes, Aspect Platinum has invested in ingredients that are heavily backed by science. The ingredients in these formulas are at the right strengths needed to achieve clinical results.

Why can't I purchase Aspect Platinum online?

Platinum products are available exclusively from Australia’s most trusted clinicians – experts in skin, and most importantly, the experts in your skin.

As they feature advanced ingredients and formulations, To ensure the products are suitable for you, they are only able to be purchased after a consultation.